Learn How Hosts Can Enable Omnichannel Sales

Come to ePages' presentation at WHD.usa "Win by Delivering Rapid Ecommerce Success"

Speed is key factor in omnichannel web marketing & commerce. At WHD.usa, ePages will explain how a trusted ecommerce hosting partner can help retailers bridge the physical/digital gap.


There’s no doubt that ecommerce is playing an increasing role in the buying and selling of goods. In fact, online retail in the US will grow 8 to 12% this year – a rate that outpaces the growth of the wider industry by as much as threefold. Some estimate US online retail sales to surge towards $530B by 2019. For the foreseeable future, ecommerce will be the major driver of growth for retail moving forward.

At the same time, online ads are expected to overshadow traditional ads in US local markets by next year.

What we’re seeing is that more of the sales and marketing funnel is going online – all the way from initial discovery to purchases to repeat purchases.

At the same time, in-person sales and ads are still important – especially in industries where consumers desire an in-person experience – but smart retailers are finding ways to capitalize on the ecommerce trend. We see this even in industries that seem immune from ecommerce disruption.

We’re truly in an “omnichannel” era where certain sales and marketing is split between the virtual and the physical world. This demands retailers to update their approach to sales and marketing funnel.

Of course, few retailers are equipped to deal with the challenges of getting their products onto shoppers’ screens and into their shopping carts.

To deliver ecommerce, SMBs must turn to their trusted hosting and cloud providers, or risk becoming irrelevant. Bringing these brick-and-mortar companies into the digital world is a huge challenge, but a huge opportunity for companies that can deliver retail success.

This means being a partner in solutions that accelerate the customer journey from marketing to sales. The internet is fundamental in shortening this sales funnel so that customers can put an item in their cart whenever the impulse to buy arrises.

The right technical partner can turn a sales loop into as sales hyperloop.

At 11:45 on Sept. 12 at WHD.usa, Joachim Antonsen, Director North America at ecommerce experts ePages.com, will highlight why ecommerce platforms are booming and how web hosts can ensure that they are centre stage to benefit.

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