Believe the Hype

“While the world is torn apart, creators build it back up with hard work and ideas, beauty and art, invention, reinvention and challenge. We don’t care about your rules or your trends, your ratings or your gossip, your disinformation or your hype. While history gets rewritten, we’re creating a new one.” So said sonic architect […]

Join Us in Iceland for an Executive Summit

There’s nowhere in the world like Iceland! Even in the winter when it’s dark, there’s something magical about this place. The volcanic rock, the Arctic breeze off the ocean, the way the earth just feels alive… and it can help you take your managed hosting business to the next level. The Vikings weren’t thinking of […]

“From Founder To Billionaire”

“I’m a problem-solver. When I see a problem, I can’t do anything but try and solve it,” said Bhavin Turakhia, an icon in the cloud industry. Turakhia has started 12 companies, including Flock, Radix, CodeChef, Ringo,, and Zeta—starting with a hosting company called Directi, co-founded with his brother Divyank when he was just a […]

Using Data To Achieve Excellence in Speed and Precision

Graeme Hackland is no stranger to the need for speed when it comes to moving data around—he’s the CIO of Williams Racing, a leading Formula 1 team and engineering company. Hackland spoke at CloudFest 2019 to share some of the amazing data science that goes into achieving Formula 1 racing success. Williams started in 1977, […]

Don’t Just Stand There… Innovate!

How is multi-cloud impacting individuals and societies? Patricia Florissi, Vice President, Global CTO for Sales and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies, shared how her team’s vision is shaping our future, innovating for the best, and building our next generations, today. Onstage at CloudFest 2019, Florissi discussed how exploring new innovative and technological heights, creating unique […]

Hyperscaling With the DNS: Yes, You Can!

From its inception, the Domain Name System (DNS) was designed to scale. Domain names are a foundational component of how many cloud services customers help end users engage with their products. Proposed and created by Paul Mockapetris in 1983, the DNS has recently come into the crosshairs of disruption as debate rages on whether or […]

Introducing the Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, only at CloudFest

Good evening, Rust! Are you ready to rock? If you’re coming to CloudFest, we’re pretty sure you are—so don’t you dare miss the first-ever Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, powered by Dell Technologies! Join us Tuesday, March 26 at 7pm in the magnificent courtyard of the Hotel Colosseo. Rock out to live music by […]

CloudFest is Reinventing Thursday

They say Thursday is the new Friday, and we’re going to prove it at CloudFest 2019. All day and all night (and, technically, into the following day), the agenda will be packed with amazing events. During the day, get ready for some amazing keynotes. In the .COM Main Forum Dome, you’ll hear from entrepreneur/executive coach/backyard […]

Take the CloudFest Attendee Survey and You Could Win a Free VIP Ticket

Hey, do you have 120 seconds to spare? We have this really quick Attendee Survey that will help us fine-tune CloudFest, and we promise it will take less than two minutes. To sweeten the deal, if you complete the survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of 10 VIP tickets for CloudFest […]

Ridiculously Charming Small-Town German Hotels

Wood panels, gabled roofs, those tiny winding streets… It’s like going back in time. Haven’t you always wanted to experience German village life? Yes, of course you have… and if you’re coming to CloudFest, you totally can—there are some surprising hotel options right near Europa-Park that help you experience the best of two worlds: the […]