Building Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services

If we look back a few decades, we were running one monolithic application on one single server, said Jeff Wittich, Senior Director of Cloud Service Providers for Intel, in his CloudFest 2019 keynote: Things luckily evolved past that!” Once virtualization was introduced, we were able to run multiple applications per server, each with its own […]

CloudFest 2019 Agenda is Now Live

The CloudFest 2019 agenda is now online, so you can start planning for a successful conference before you even arrive. And you’ll definitely need a plan. We start each day when the sun comes up, and we don’t stop until… well, until the sun comes up the next day. Get ready to: Work Hard— – […]

Believe the Hype—Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy

While the world is torn apart, creators build it back up with hard work and ideas, beauty and art, invention, reinvention and challenge. We don’t care about your rules or your trends, your ratings or your gossip, your disinformation or your hype. While history gets rewritten, we’re creating a new one. So says Hank Shocklee, […]

Brian Behlendorf Helped Code the Modern Internet… and He’s Not Done Yet

We’re happy to announce coder Brian Behlendorf as a keynote speaker for CloudFest 2019. Brian is probably most famous for developing the Apache HTTP server, but that only scratches the surface. Brian has served as CTO of the World Economic Forum, but did you know he was also one of the original technologists for the […]

Take the CloudFest Attendee Survey and You Could Win a Free VIP Ticket

Hey, do you have 120 seconds to spare? We have this really quick Attendee Survey that will help us fine-tune CloudFest, and we promise it will take less than two minutes. To sweeten the deal, if you complete the survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of 10 VIP tickets for CloudFest […]