Composer, Cellist and Inventor Philip Sheppard Will Boost Your Creative Thinking at 2017

He’s also worked with rock ‘n’ roll legends Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, and David Bowie.

Learn how to take a creative approach to your work and life from a world-renowned musician and innovator

World-renowned composer, producer, and virtuoso cellist Philip Sheppard uses creative thinking and imagination to explore new musical ideas and develop new melodies.

For Philip, creative thinking is a major focus of his career, and he has taught and inspired countless professionals to take a more creative approach to their work and life.

The creativity a musician uses to improvise on a melody will help you develop innovative new ideas and solve real-world problems.

We’re excited to announce that Philip will be showing how you can use this approach to your career at 2017.

Philip Sheppard is an Entrepreneurial and Creative Powerhouse

Philip gets his unique ability to teach people to think creatively from continually challenging himself to new creative projects.

As a composer, Philip Sheppard has no trouble coming up with musical ideas and even creating entire songs on the spot. For instance, he stopped his performance and improvised a tango when he saw an audience member on her phone.

He’s also worked with rock ‘n’ roll legends Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, and David Bowie.

He’s a pioneer of incorporating technology into classical music like live looping. He also invented “Compose Yourself”, a game that lets anyone build symphonies from a special deck of cards.

At 2017, Be Inspired and Be More Creative

In an engaging and interactive presentation at, Philip will be explaining how to apply creative thinking to your work and continually come up with fresh new ideas that give you and your business an edge.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable experience – reserve your ticket now!

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