Ewan Parry’s Insider Guide to the Value of Hosting Companies at WHD.global

Learn the crucial factors that contribute to the value of cloud and hosting companies from a top industry expert

A cloud and hosting M&A expert answers the question that on everyone's mind: What's my company worth?

What is a hosting business really worth? It’s not an easy question. That’s why we have M&A expert Ewan Parry to explain the criteria he uses to determine valuations. You’ll learn which metrics are most important and what companies can do to maximize their business valuation.

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Ewan’s firm, OC&C Strategy Consultants where he is a Partner, is a global consulting firm that brings clear thinking to the most complex issues facing ambitious management. Ewan focuses on the digital and cloud transformation of Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) organizations. He’s also worked with the private equity community to invest in technology and high-growth innovation companies. Prior to his 10-plus year career at OC&C, he was EVP of Business Development at Marconi.

On Thursday, March 30th at WHD.global, Ewan will be on hand to answer your questions about buying and selling hosting companies and what market and economic forces are at play. Ewan’s expertise could help you understand what your business is really worth!

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