Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Insights From World Record Holder in Slackline Alexander Schulz

Alexander Schulz - slacklining world record holder - is poised to join us as a keynote speaker during CloudFest 2018, to share insights into what it means to conquer your fears.

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be suspended 247 m above a large metropolis city balancing on a thin nylon webbing? Or perhaps traversing a gorge at 200 m above the earth during the midst of a storm kicking out 100 km/h winds, is more to your liking?

Alexander Schultz, the multiple world record holder in the spine-tingling sport known as slacklining, knows a thing or two about taking a risk. A sporty adventure seeker from a young age, slacklining became the sport that ultimately stuck and has led him to conquer some of the most challenging slacklining adventures the world has ever seen.

Alex knows a thing or two about conquering one’s fears and in his inspiring presentation during CloudFest 2018, will share what it’s like to harness those demons and go on to reach your maximum potential!

As an added bonus for our guests, Alex will electrify us all with a hair-raising slackline traverse through Europa-Park!

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