A WHD Badge By Any Other Name

WHD.global has a new badge for 2017 - what did we do and why should you care?

Finally a technology conference badge that is flip-proof, flop-proof, and beer-proof!

Ah, the poor conference badge. Every attendee has one. But usually they are hard to read, difficult to scan, and challenging to keep straight. And when you bend over the dinner buffet to grab the last bit of puff pastry and accidently dip it into your cocktail sauce, you end up wearing it as a badge of shame as people spend the rest of the conference trying to read your name through the stains and creases.

With our never-satisfied attention to detail and a compulsion to try new things that make the experience better, we have re-imagined the conference badges for WHD.global 2017.

Defeating the Twists and Turns

Arguably, the most important attribute of a conference badge is to let you see the name of the person in front of you, and to let them see your name too. When a badge is pinned to your shirt or jacket, that’s easy. But pin-holes and crimped clothing are not good … in fact, they suck.

So the wizards of trade-show-land invented the lanyard. But when a lanyard has a single point of connection, the badge flips and flops and twists and turns. It seems like no matter which way you attach the clip, your name still gets hidden against your chest.

The solution … two clips spaced apart at the corners. It’s a LOT more stable. From now on, if you are trying to hide your name you will have to stick the badge into your coat pocket.

No Reading Glasses Needed

You shouldn’t have to bow at the waist and squint to read the name of your next customer. That just makes you look silly. So we gave the badge twice the surface area as last year and boosted the font size. We did this to make them easy to read for you and so that the CIA can see your name from their satellites in orbit.

We Put the “Bar” in “Barcode”

Really … we don’t think of you as a number. But computers do. And the new WHD.App lets you and your fellow attendees scan your personal barcodes with smartphones and tablets. No more needing to jot notes on the back of a paper business card. WHD.App is the cool new way to swap digital business cards and contact info in the modern world.

You want to be cool and modern, don’t you? Who doesn’t! That why we’ve put your bar-coded digits right up front to be scanned at an appropriate distance (no touching needed). You will be able to make contacts with one hand and keep hold of your cocktail with the other.

The Color of Success

We decided to keep it simple. Guests in blue. VIPs in red … because they are VIPs, right? And WHD team members in green. Need help with something? Look for black hats and green badges. No problem!

Other Bits and Pieces

Since WHD.global has grown once again, your lunch restaurant is assigned. Look on front … you will see the name of your lunch restaurant printed there. And there are two VIP Events on Tuesday night this year. So if you are a VIP who has reserved a spot at one of the VIP Events, you will also see your VIP Event location as well.

And these high-tech badges are no ordinary paper, no sir! They are plasticized Tyvek that is resistant to normal food and drink. You can now wear your conference badge confidently to the BierFest without fear of spilled lager or pretzel mustard. Your libations and snacks should wipe right off unless you get crazy with the ketchup.

So here’s a big “thank you” to our badge sponsor – CertCenter. The new design looks good hanging from those CPanel lanyards this year.

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