Cloud and Internet News Update (January 25, 2017)

President Donald Trump named Republican Ajit Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

HPE buys SimpliVity, Tucows buys eNom, Cisco buys AppDynamic, Yahoo faces SEC probe, and Trump appoints new FCC chair! Read about all this and more in our industry news update for the week.

HPE to acquire hyperconvergence company SimpliVity for $650 M cash

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced its $650M acquisition of SimpliVity which signals further validation of the hyperconverged infrastructure concept. This could signal some serious competition for market leader Nutanix. Analysts have noted that differentiation through value-added software is essential to remain competitive.

Cisco buys AppDynamics to bolster app monitoring capabilities

AppDynamics, the developer of a cloud application and business monitoring platform, was heading towards an IPO was instead bought by Cisco Systems for $3.7 billion whose technology will combine with Cisco to provide end-to-end visibility and intelligence from the network through to the application.

Was two years too long for Yahoo to wait to disclose data breaches?

The SEC is launching an investigation into Yahoo’s reporting of two massive data breaches. revealed to investors after two-plus years, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The data breaches came to light only after the company agreed to sell its core business to Verizon.

Liquid Web buys WiredTree

On Thursday last week, Liquid Web announced its acquisition of Chicago-based web host WiredTree for an undisclosed amount. Liquid Web recently bought Rackspace’s Cloud Sites business.

New FCC chair expected to change how telecommunications are regulated

President Donald Trump named Republican Ajit Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Pai voted against net neutrality rules and is expected to reverse the FCC’s previous course on issues relating to net neutrality, broadband subscriber data privacy, and mergers.

Symantec revoked security certificates

After an executive of certificate vendor SSLMate identified some irregularities with certificates, Symantec confirmed it revoked web security certificates that were mistakenly issued by a partner. Symantec’s Steve Medin stated the certificates were obtained inappropriately.

Cumulus networking devices based on open-source designs up for pre-order

Facebook designed its own data center networking hardware and open sourced it through the Open Compute Project, but it’s been seldom seen outside of Facebook’s data centers. This could be changing with Cumulus Networks’ demo and pre-orders of its Celestica-built Backpack and Wedge 100 hardware running Cumulus’s switching software platform – Cumulus Linux.

 Tucows buys domain registrar eNom for $83.5 Million

On Friday, domain name and internet services provider Tucows announced its $83.5 million acquisition of eNom from the Rightside Group. This deal will add 14.5 million domains and 28,000 active resellers to Tucows’ network, brining its totals to exceed 29 million domains and 40,000 resellers globally. Rightside continue to have its portfolio of new top level and second level domain names, and

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