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Get a Multi-Verse Perspective of the Future, Today—with Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud

How is multi-cloud impacting individuals and societies? Patricia Florissi, Vice President, Global CTO for Sales and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies, shared how her team’s vision is shaping our future, innovating for the best, and building our next generations, today.

Onstage at CloudFest 2019, Florissi discussed how exploring new innovative and technological heights, creating unique new services, and collaborating with Dell Technologies’ businesses can transform customer experiences.

“We are in the dawn of a new era,” said Florissi, where technology gives the vision-impaired a sense of sight, brings clean water to those who need it most, and helps cars to drive themselves. We experience life in the digital universe, she said, where our technology enhances how we perceive and interact with the world.

Even our cores have left the building, said Florissi, as we move from the datacenter to the cloud, the edge, and even the fog.

The edge cloud, the private cloud, and the public cloud have to leverage some sort of consistency in exploring cloud economics, said Florissi. We want to have all three versions enjoying the same scalability and diversity, she said: the digital universe is a multi-cloud experience.

“The truth is that we’re living in an era of transition,” said Florissi, and we’ll have to deal with existing and emerging applications at the same time. Which do we deploy? What apps live in the cloud and which should be consigned to the datacenter… or simply to the dustbin?

We’re buffeted by technological forces in our digital universe, said Florissi. This defines how we will differentiate in the future. Looking at the IoT, let’s focus on the “Things”: over a billion sensing objects will come online before long, and start forming systems that talk to each other… a system of systems. “If you look at the car of the future, that is shared, that is electrified, that is automated and connected,” she said, “it has a system of systems inside!” Deep learning and AI aren’t new, she said, but now they’re all the rage because we finally have the computing capacity and dataset sizes to make AI and deep learning more effective and relevant to daily life. Of course, these things demand some very serious computing capacity.

“You have this continuum of the edge cloud, the private cloud, and the public cloud… and we’re exploring quantum computing,” she said. This is the situation that your customers are experiencing: the datacenter has sprawled all the way to the public and private clouds. Those clouds are managing diverse and multi-tier applications. Furthermore, companies of all sizes are chasing those technological forces in order to differentiate. 93% of Dell’s customers report that they’ll end up using more than one cloud provider. This, said Florissi, is a recipe for complexity as you introduce silos. After all, what happens when one provider’s bugs or operational challenges affect the apps running on another provider’s platform? “This leads to multi-cloud chaos,” she said, “and that’s where we are at right now!”

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