CloudFest is Reinventing Thursday

Friday who? This is the biggest day of the week.

They say Thursday is the new Friday, and we’re going to prove it at CloudFest 2019. All day and all night (and, technically, into the following day), the agenda will be packed with amazing events.

During the day, get ready for some amazing keynotes. In the .COM Main Forum Dome, you’ll hear from entrepreneur/executive coach/backyard roller-coaster builder Will Pemble about how his greatest success nearly killed him. Do you uthink you can handle… “Death by Winning“?

You can also stop checking Coinbase for a second and learn from NameCoin chief developer Daniel Kraft about what the cryptocurrency boom missed. He’ll show you how blockchain applications have value way beyond investment, and how they can put privacy and security back into the hands of internet users.

You’ll also hear from internationally-recognized cybersecurity expert Tatiana Tropina, who will dig into the nuances of the balance between security and privacy in our increasingly interconnected world: “Should Cloud Companies Become Internet Cops?

We also have a very special surprise planned for lunchtime. It’s taking every ounce of our self-control to keep this a secret, but we’ve managed to keep spoilers totally locked down. This surprise won’t even be announced until the conference starts, so you’ll just have to be here… but just know that it willl be worth the suspense!

As the sun dips low in the sky, join us under the main Dome for the debut of CloudFest’s Havana Night! That’s right, we’re replacing the beloved BierFest with a new, sexy, and vibrant Cuba-inspired experience, Havana Night will offer you a night pulsing with first-class indulgence. Exotic food, artful coctails, premium cigars, and alluring music designed to get you moving: this is all just a taste of what you can expect when you let the rhythm of Cuba take you away. Your heart will be in Havana-ooh-na-na…

You’ll be very glad that Friday’s agenda contains only a brunch event, that’s for sure. Check out the whole agendahere, and personalize it to make the most of CloudFest 2019.

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