CloudFest 2019 Agenda is Now Live

Check out the lineup for CloudFest this year... and we still have a trick or two up our sleeves.

The CloudFest 2019 agenda is now online, so you can start planning for a successful conference before you even arrive.

And you’ll definitely need a plan. We start each day when the sun comes up, and we don’t stop until… well, until the sun comes up the next day. Get ready to:

Work Hard
– Inspiring keynotes
– Illuminating expert panels
– Fast-paced networking sessions
– Bootcamps to fasttrack your skills with the most useful Cloud-industry tools
– Deep dives into the topics that matter most

Play Hard
– Roof-raising parties
– An actual music festival (?!)
– A celebration of women in technology
– A huge suprise we can’t even talk about yet—no spoilers

… And that only scratches the surface. Dig into the agenda below: you can personalize it to make a plan… and you’ll definitely need a plan to make the most of all that’s going on at CloudFest 2019. We can’t wait to see you at Europa-Park!

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