CloudFest 2020 Registration Now Open!

See the Future in 20/20

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… Registration for CloudFest 2020 is officially open! As the most important cloud computing conference in the world, CloudFest embraces and celebrates the cloud industry, showcasing everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. Join us in a place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries collaborate to move beyond the hype and push the cloud industry forward.

This is the Intelligent Cloud

CloudFest 2020 is year two of a three-year theme arc. We started with hyperscale enablement, and now we’ll shine a light on what that level of scale allows: AI both empowers and is empowered by hypervisor infrastructure and services. The Intelligent Cloud allows AI to manage/distribute complex workloads, with smart tools that make interoperability/scale more cost-effective and efficient. It’s a tech paradigm that is on its way, and CloudFest will help pave the way for it. CloudFest will explore how this industry works to get ready for the AI evolution in terms of technology, oversight, economics, and morality.

So let’s get this party started: register for CloudFest today with this free discount link! You’ll be using our all-new Registration Tool, tailor-made to guide you through your preparation for the CloudFest journey. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to grab your standard or VIP pass, as well as booking your hotel room and even your train ticket to get you there. The Registration Tool isn’t just for registration—as we get closer to showtime, it will evolve into the CloudFest event app, much like how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. For now, think of the Registration Tool as your digital concierge, ready and waiting to assist you.

At CloudFest, our partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who take to the stage. We can’t wait to welcome you to CloudFest 2020, March 14-19 at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. We’ll have plenty of surprises in store, but the adventure begins today!

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