Two Signature Events, 51 Million SMEs, 1.3 Billion Customers, and You

With a rapidly expanding economy, a well-educated and upwardly-mobile middle class, a love of technology, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, India has embraced the internet revolution like few other developing regions. The numbers are staggering. Already, there are more than 51 million small-to-medium sized enterprises serving 1.3 billion customers across India. And internet penetration has […]

A WHD Badge By Any Other Name

Ah, the poor conference badge. Every attendee has one. But usually they are hard to read, difficult to scan, and challenging to keep straight. And when you bend over the dinner buffet to grab the last bit of puff pastry and accidently dip it into your cocktail sauce, you end up wearing it as a […]

Ewan Parry’s Insider Guide to the Value of Hosting Companies at

What is a hosting business really worth? It’s not an easy question. That’s why we have M&A expert Ewan Parry to explain the criteria he uses to determine valuations. You’ll learn which metrics are most important and what companies can do to maximize their business valuation. Ewan’s firm, OC&C Strategy Consultants where he is a Partner, […]

Cloud Leaders from 84 Countries Meet in Rust, Germany, at!

WorldHostingDays is an international event series that brings together professionals from the international cloud services and internet infrastructure industries. The premiere event,, is the world’s largest cloud festival which brings together more than 6,500 industry professionals and 2,500 companies from a total of 84 countries.’s unique and fun environment makes it easy to […]

A Message from Ultimate Guitar Founder Eugeny Naidenov 2017 is the week-long festival that celebrates internet technology and culture. On March 28, the man who started the largest online community of musicians will explain the IT infrastructure that powers it in his presentation “Rocking the Cloud and Keeping Your Cool”. If you’ve ever aspired to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix or Eddie […]

Cloud and Internet News Update (February 22, 2017)

Google’s Plan of Bringing Internet Access to Africa with Balloons Loses Steam As Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. continues to ground some of the company’s loftier endeavors, a project (named “Loon”) aimed at delivering internet across Africa through a network of ballons has scaled back its plans. The project will now only include a small […]

Learn to take on the world from the youngest person to sail around the world

While her peers were shopping in malls and hanging music posters on their bedroom walls, Laura Dekker was purchasing her first sailboat and preparing for the greatest adventure of her life.   In 2010, Laura set out to sail around the world. On her own. She completed her amazing journey eighteen months and more than […]

Bunk in a Wild West Town and Experience like a True Pioneer

The internet can feel like the Wild West at times with its endless frontiers and showdowns between good guys and bad guys – why not try being a pioneer from the Wild West? Europa-Park’s Camp Resort is a fun Wild-West-themed town with log cabins, covered wagons, and Tee Pees. And for the very first time, […]